Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Recently, I’ve been adding audiobook editions for my ebooks and my curiosity was aroused about what future editions might be coming as the Internet technology continues to blossom and more devices are distributed.

We’ve gone from traditional hardcover and paperback books to e-book and now audiobook versions becoming widely available. Some authors would like to get a movie option for their book and see their creation on the movie screen.

There is a possibility of a technology in-between an audiobook and a full movie production.

It’s a book-movie.

A book-movie could be a book-trailer done for the full length of the book using video, graphics, sound effects, and narration.

Wait a minute, can that be cost-effect? Is there an audience?

Today a book trailer with narration, video, and graphics costs about $1000 for a five-minute video that summarizes the book.

Consider that a book of twenty chapters (20 scenes) might be equivalent to twenty book trailers.

While this would cost far less than a multimillion dollar movie production, it would still be a large capital investment for an author (or a production team working for a percent like ACX narrators) hoping to sell book-movies to an interested public.

What kind of devices would be available to make this a worthwhile experience? Would authors be interested in offering such a product? Would an audience for book-movies develop over time?

Please offer your opinions and speculations.

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